Illusions of Magic

The Illustrated Novel by J.B. Rivard


“I Don’t Have to Love You”

Words & Music by J.B. Rivard
Singer singing “I Don’t Have to Love You”



Things between us have always been tough

    I ask myself, is love enough

Though broken dreams are the kind that we share

    You should never believe I don’t care


In the future there may be trouble

    And each trouble I can no doubt double

There are ups and downs with every pair

    Thinking we’re through isn’t fair


We started out a case of doubled doubt

    Vision and sense we could do without

It seems we’ve come a long way, and yet

    We tilt and test as though we’d just met


We can always agree to disagree

    We’ll never find a judge to referee

The rule is love has no rules, I gather

    I don’t have to love you, but I’d rather




The Recording


John Adams, Bass

Noel Johnston, Guitar

Sean McCurley, Drums

Brian Piper, Piano

Vocal by Jennifer Barnes


Words and Music ©2012 by J. B. Rivard. All Rights Reserved