Illusions of Magic

The Illustrated Novel by J.B. Rivard


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“…deftly weaves themes of romantic love, easy murder, and the power of jazz…a vivid portrait of life in Chicago in 1933…rich with…dangerous criminals, forever friends, and genuine romance.”
   —Marssie Mencotti in Windy City Reviews
“…keeps the plot clicking…capturing old-time Chicagoan accents, particularly those from the Czech community…new takes on the old city I have yet to encounter anywhere else…”
   —Dan Kelly in Third Coast Review
“…a story about second chances and near-misses, where sometimes the best way to change your stars is to believe in the impossible—because sometimes someone is going to surprise you and help you start a new chapter of your life…”
   —Jorie in Jorie Loves a Story
“…does a masterful job…creates a historically accurate background for his cast of fascinating characters, creating a moving novel…”
   —Dr. Willard Oliver, Professor at Sam Houston State, co-author of Killing the President
“…a great feel for the time period from jazz clubs, to bank robberies and strange guys in back offices cooking the books…”
   —Mishker in BookDigits
“…The style is 1930’s gangster movie…glimpses into how politics and crime worked…you’ll even imagine yourself seeing images flash across a movie screen in black and white as you read…”
   —Ronovan Hester in Lit World Interviews
“The setting of political turmoil in 1933 Chicago is a fascinating feature…never lets up as the plot takes twists and turns I never expected…it certainly exceeded my expectations…”
   —Susan Kennedy in ReviewThisReviews
“…richly authentic atmosphere…a quick and very enjoyable read that smoothly intermingles Nick’s love life with a challenging case he takes on…a breath of fresh air…”
   —Joanna Urquhart in Historical Novel Society



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Dead Heat to Destiny

Three Lives and a Spy

J.B. Rivard

Destined for success in the booming world of high fashion, young Adrienne Boch deflects the romantic pursuit of Will Marra, an American student in Paris. Her cousin, Gregor Steiner, completes his training as an officer in the Imperial German Navy.

They, like the entire world, are unprepared when World War I begins. As the invading German army threatens Paris, Gregor advances to captain a U-boat, Will becomes a pilot in the U.S. Army, and Adrienne’s family flees an overrun Belgium. In Central America, a spy is recruited to defeat the United States.

At the climax—during which love hangs in the balance—they meet in a clash that is both sensationally thrilling and emotionally riveting.

Low On Gas - High On Sky

Nick Mamer’s 1929 Venture

Spokane Sun God

Long before the days of jet planes, Nick Mamer flew from Spokane to San Francisco, from San Francisco to New York, and from New York back to Spokane—without landing.

For five long days, Mamer and his co-pilot in their single-engine biplane battled nearly-empty gas tanks, hazardous mountain ranges, electrical storms, thirst, hunger and fatigue to set the nonstop, transcontinental round trip record.

In this true story of the 1929 flight, the Sun God biplane was again and again refueled in the air with ropes and a hose by other spruce-and-wire aircraft piloted by daring airmen of the time.

J.B. Rivard, author of this gripping nonfiction account, is the first to be given unrestricted access to the massive archives of the Mamer family. Incorporating never-before-seen photos, this book—now in print—melds the exciting story of the flight of the Spokane Sun God with the fascinating biographical background of the man who led it.

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